Having had previous procedures to remove basal cell carcinomas, I found myself with a new growth just below my throat. My last procedure left me with a very unsightly scar. This one would be in a very visible place, since I wear golf shirts in my daily work. My last dermatology practice operated like a factory; with long wait times and far-out appointment bookings. Also, my procedures were performed by physician’s assistants and I was looking for a better experience for my new procedure. I spent 7 years as a physician recruiter and began my search for a practice that was better. I decided to try Dr. Harvey. Besides being a teaching physician, he is skilled as a plastic surgeon. He was also awarded “Patients Choice 2012”. I have to say my experience was better than I anticipated. They got me in within a week. I never waited more than 10-15 minutes in the waiting room; I was always seen by Dr. Harvey. The staff treats you like family. Dr. Harvey’s work was stellar! My procedure required a 2 inch lateral incision. The sutures were perfect! I have had many in the past and this was, by far the best I’ve had. My wife was so impressed that she booked an appointment for herself! When my wife booked her appointment, one of the assistants noticed that I had irritation from waterproof bandages that I was using. Dr. Harvey looked at it for no charge and they gave me cream to treat it for free. I also didn’t have to pay a copay for suture removal. I would recommend Dr. Harvey to anyone without reservation!