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Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures for Body Newnan

As we age and change, our skin does too. At Dermatology Institute for Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery, we know that skincare is an important part of comprehensive healthcare and wellness. That’s why we offer a number of cosmetic dermatology procedures for the body, in order to keep you looking and feeling your best. Whether you’re interested in addressing a specific concern or just pampering yourself with some extra care, there are many ways to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures for Body

Stretch Mark Treatment

While stretch marks are a natural part of the skin’s aging and changing process, they can also be minimized for aesthetic purposes if desired. Associated with rapid growth or sudden weight change, stretch marks can occur anywhere (particularly the hips, thighs, and abdomen) and affect anyone. Various treatments for stretch marks include lasers, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoids. In some cases, a tummy tuck will “erase” stretch marks by removing the skin below the navel. In addition to these treatments, carbon dioxide lasering has been shown to use scattered pulses of light, over the course of several treatments, to reduce stretch marks.

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