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WHAT IS A “Lyft” Procedure for Face or Neck?

What is the “Lyft” (face and neck lift) procedure? The “lyft” procedure is coined term that we are using to describe a procedure which removes excess fat and skin from the lower face, neck or both. Skin and musculature is tightened in the process. Repositioning of the skin allows our patients to achieve a more youthful appearance. Those who respond best have deep cheek folds and loose sagging skin around the neck. As we age, fat pads descend from the upper cheek and skin laxity becomes more prominent in the jowl regions of the face. Our lyft technique uses smaller incisions. These are hidden behind the ear folds and/or in the crease just under the chin. By minimizing incision length (and undermining), the procedure is safer and requires less downtime than that seen with a traditional facelift.

Download a brochure: Lyft Procedure Face and Neck Brochure

This procedure may be a good fit if:

  • You have facial and neck skin laxity
  • You have strong, well defined bone structure
  • You are in good health and do not have diabetes
  • You don’t smoke or take immunosuppressive meds

What if I don’t want or need a longer procedure? Can it be modified?

Yes… Absolutely, the lyft procedure can be tailored to address a patient’s particular concern. We work in partnership with our patients to ensure that their goals are met while ensuring that the procedure is performed safely, efficiently and correctly. What are the risks/complications of surgery? Though minor, these can include: bruising, swelling, skin numbness, skin warmth/redness, incision discomfort, infection and allergic reactions to medication(s). One can reduce these risks by providing us with a complete medical history and closely following our surgical teams instructions

How does the surgical dermatology approach differ from a plastic surgery approach?

Dermatologic surgeons advanced many of the techniques that are currently being used in lifting procedures. This includes advancements in liposuction, skin flap creation, and the use of tumescent anesthesia, a type of local anesthesia. The tumescent solution allows for the complete numbing of the surgery site using a combination of lidocaine, epinephrine and normal saline. This mixture allows patients to experience less bruising and bleeding, require less post-op pain medication, and have a more pleasant experience in general. Where is the procedure performed?


“I just can’t say enough about this practice. I had some cosmetic work done, and I still look like me just 10 years younger. I am so pleased with my results.”

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Will I be awake?

The lyft procedure is performed in our fully accredited AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc.) facility. Physician, health agencies and patients acknowledge that AAAASF sets the Gold Standard in Accreditation. The procedure is performed using either oral or IV sedation. You will be sleepy and relaxed during your surgery. If you suffer from anxiety, we can tailor the anesthetic so that you will sleep throughout the entire operation.

How long of a recovery should I expect?

Immediately after surgery, you will experience some swelling, skin redness, and discomfort which can persist for up to a week. Sutures are usually absorbed by day 14. Facial movements can be somewhat stiff and numbness may be observed during the first four to six weeks after surgery. Please remember that these responses are normal. Your final results may be seen as early as six months but often take up to a full year. We will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process.

Can the procedure be combined with other treatments?

CO2 laser resurfacing

Yes, we will sometimes combine a lyft procedure simultaneously with CO2 laser resurfacing or RF micro-needling. These techniques can further improve facial contour, lines, and skin tone. Cosmetic fillers can be concomitantly used in the lips, cheeks and temples to create a more youthful appearance by replacing the volume loss that naturally occurs with age. Finally, post procedural HydraFacials™ can be performed to improve the skin’s texture, glow, and radiance.


For more information on the facelift procedure, please click here or call our office. Thank you and we look forward to helping you.

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