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Patient PortalThis portal serves as a link to our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. Simply call our office at 770-400-8400 to get your personal security code. You will enter your created user name and password in the “PATIENT LOGIN” tab above.

It is important that the password that you create contain one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number. The password should also be 8 characters or less in length.

Once you select your user ID and password, you will be able to enter our EMR system. Here, you will be able to to enter your personal demographic and insurance info, fill out your online history (takes about ten minutes), and electronically sign our HIPAA agreement, cancellation policy, and photo permission consent forms. By completing these tasks ahead of time, you will expedite your appointment and enhance your overall visit experience with us.

If you would like schedule an appointment or cosmetic consult with us, please fill out the pertinent information in the text boxes below. Someone from our office will get back to you within one to two business days. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are not allowed to list the nature of your problem on this page.

Please note that you are an important part of our practice and we value you as a patient. It is an honor and privilege for us to serve you.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Board Certified Dermatologist
Procedural Dermatologist (ACGME certified)
Fellow, American College of Mohs Surgery
Fellow, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery
Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Featured Procedure

    Fraxis Duo™ CO2

    Fraxis Duo™ CO2 Laser Treatment Overview: Our Fraxis Duo CO2 laser system is a “gold standard” device. It is a highly sought after system because it can integrate multiple advanced technologies into one platform. The CO2 laser emits the longest wavelength of light compared to other lasers and can be used on a variety of skin types. Treatments can be easily tailored to meet the specific cosmetic need(s) of our patients. This state-of-the-art device excels at treating a wide range of skin conditions.

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  • Featured Procedure


    Blepharoplasty is utilized to repair sagging eyelid skin and correct unsightly fat pads. Depending on the nature of the issue, excess skin, redundant muscle, and bulging fat pads can be cosmetically corrected in order to restore a refreshed and more youthful appearance to the eyes. CO2 Laser can be used simultaneously with this procedure to remove unwanted skin growths and improve sun damaged skin.

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  • Featured Procedure

    Chemical Peel

    The precise formulas in peels vary and the type utilized is personally adjusted to meet each patient’s needs. For example, tricholoracetic acid (TCA) is a medium depth peel, which can eliminate brown spots and help to even out textural irregularities on the face and neck. Downtime is usually around 7 days. Glycolic acid peels are referred to as lunchtime peels.

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  • Featured Procedure


    The “lyft” procedure is coined term that we are using to describe a procedure which removes excess fat and skin from the lower face, neck or both. Skin and musculature is tightened in the process. Repositioning of the skin allows our patients to achieve a more youthful appearance. Those who respond best have deep cheek folds and loose sagging skin around the neck. As we age, fat pads descend from the upper cheek and skin laxity becomes more prominent in the jowl regions of the face. Our lyft technique uses smaller incisions. These are hidden behind the ear folds and/or in the crease just under the chin. By minimizing incision length (and undermining), the procedure is safer and requires less downtime than that seen with a traditional facelift.

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