Facial-rejuvenation treatments can be surgical, such as a facelift, or they can be minimally invasive and non-surgical. Non-surgical options are ideal for those suffering from mild aesthetic issues and aging. This includes mild wrinkles, folds, and lines, as well as noticeable facial sagging.

Cosmetic injectables are an excellent option for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Products like Botox can significantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, brow lines, and mild wrinkles. Fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm, and Sculptra can restore lost facial volume to bring back the youthful look of your face and reduce sagging in areas like the cheeks and forehead.

Cosmetic injectables offer noticeable aesthetic enhancement through minimally invasive, quick, and relatively pain-free treatments. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with dermatologist Dr. David Harvey for your non-surgical facial rejuvenation.