Skin cancer comes in many forms. Some are much more common than others but do not carry significant risks. Others may be less common but may also have a much higher mortality rate.

Melanoma is considered the most lethal of the common types of skin cancer. Out of all the skin cancer cases diagnosed annually, melanoma only accounts for roughly 3% of them. However, melanoma is responsible for nearly 75% of skin-cancer-related deaths.

Although it may not be the most common form of skin cancer, you should check with a medical professional if you notice a new mole somewhere on your body or if you notice a change in an existing mole. Early detection is the key to preventing further complications and greatly increases your likelihood of survival.

If you are in need of a highly skilled and professional surgeon for the removal of your skin cancer, please contact the Dermatology Institute for Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Harvey.