Knowing these sun safety tips can help keep your kids safe in the sun and help prevent skin cancer in the future.

Did you know that children receive THREE times the annual sun exposure of adults? Kids often get the dangerous midday sun, and it’s not just in the summer. The sun is usually out at playground time at school.  One important things that parents need to be aware of is that one blistering sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of melanoma.

The CDC and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have recommended better protection of our children’s skin. This includes providing better education and school involvement in being sun smart.

Australia created  a SunSmart program in which schools are required to provide shade structures and sun safety education for children. Children in the schools there must wear hats and sunscreen on the playgrounds.

• Australia’s SunSmart program includes the following tips for sun safety:
•Slip on a shirt
•Slop on sunscreen
•Slap on a hat
•Seek shade
•Slide on sunglasses

• In 2004, Arizona became the first US state to legislatively mandate sun safety in schools!!

• In Georgia, sun safety must be implemented by individual schools. Some schools are starting to add shade to playgrounds.


Here is a fun music video to help educate kids about sun safety:

Sun Safety Educational Resources:…/resources-primary-early-childh…

US SunWise Program:
AAD Sun Safety Resources:

Links to other resources. 

Remember to apply SPF to yourself and your children every day.

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