Six Fantastic Winter Skin Care TipsDry skin is a common problem during the winter months. As a dermatologist, I’m often asked how to protect at-risk areas when the weather gets cold. Here are a handful of tips I share with my patients.

Tip 1: See a Skin Specialist

Many of the patients I see who experience skin problems during the winter have never had their skin type analyzed by a professional. As such, they really have no idea which products they should be using. More often than not, their skin care regimen includes lotions and creams that are not designed for winter use. A reputable dermatologist or aesthetician can help you create a skin care routine that works for you all year round.

Tip 2: Change Moisturizers

One of the most common complaints I get from patients during the winter months is that their favorite moisturizers don’t seem to be working as well. In most instances, the problem is that the lotions or creams they’re using are water-based rather than oil-based. While the former are often okay for spring and summer weather, oil-based ointments create a protective layer that locks more moisture inside.

Tip 3: Wear Sunscreen

Just because it isn’t warm out doesn’t mean the sun can’t damage your skin. In fact, snow glare and UV rays can combine to do a number on exposed areas. That is why it’s always a good idea to apply sunscreen to your face and hands when you go outside during the wintertime. This effective skin care tip can protect sensitive skin from the elements when the cold comes.

Tip 4: Avoid Hot Showers/Baths

Nothing feels better during the dead of winter than taking a long, relaxing shower or bath. Unfortunately, an extended sprinkle or soak with hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which may cause it to lose moisture. To reduce the risk of excessive dryness, a simple skin care tip is to switch to warm water and keep showers/baths short in the winter.

Tip 5: Give Your Hands More Attention

The reason the skin on your hands is vulnerable to cold weather is that it’s thinner and has fewer oil glands than the skin in most other areas. As a result, it is not at all uncommon for it to become irritated, itchy, and cracked during the wintertime. Wearing gloves outside and regularly moisturizing are simple skin care tips that can help protect your hands from the cold.

Tip 6: Use a Humidifier

The dry, hot air produced by indoor heating systems can rob your skin of moisture. Because we can’t get by without heat during the wintertime, we must add moisture to dry, indoor air. Whether at home or in the office, humidifiers help distribute moisture more evenly.

Follow these skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and moist during the winter months.

Thanks to Laurel.Miss on flickr for the image