David T. Harvey, MD Mohs Surgeon & Cosmetic Dermatologist

Male patientsShaving with an emphasis on moisturizing sun protection often tell me that they forget to wear sunscreens or only do so on occasion. When I ask them about using aftershave lotion or a moisturizer, I get a more favorable response. Chaffing after shaving is a common problem and thankfully we have a remedy..sunscreen based moisturizers. I recommend the following when shaving with a blade or electric razor

1. Wet the skin with lukewarm water and gently rub into skin for 15 seconds.. this will serve to hydrate the skin.
2. *Use a senstive skin shaving lotion (Aveeno® and Neutrogena® products are good examples of these).
3. After shaving, pat the skin dry. It will be essentially damp at this point.
4. *Use a moisturizing sunscreen.. Cerave® AM is one example which replenishes skin ceramides,, and provides broad spectrum coverage with a physical sun blocker.

So guys…its time to get with the program… your skin will thank you..
(* I have no financial interest in these products but list these as a few good examples).