Painless Hair Removal With DIOLUX™ Laser Treatment

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their hair. As a cosmetic dermatologist, I can tell you that some patients will go to almost any length to get rid of unwanted body hair. Even if the procedure causes discomfort or pain, they are willing to endure it if it banishes unsightly patches from problem areas. I have personally waxed, shaved, and tweezed away body hair. Fortunately for those with a low pain threshold, there is now a painless and extremely effective solution to this common problem.

What Is DIOLUX™?

With a powerful diode laser, DIOLUX is widely considered the fastest laser hair removal device on the market. After using the device on larger body parts, such as the back and legs, I can confirm that it moves at a brisker pace than other devices I’ve used. But speed isn’t the main reason I prefer it to other models. The DIOLUX features a sapphire-cooled tip that significantly reduces discomfort and pain. Many of my patients tell me they didn’t feel a thing, even after an extensive hair removal session, which now can be done in a matter of minutes.

Who’s A Candidate?

While not as restrictive as most other laser hair removal systems, the DIOLUX generally works best on patients who have light skin and dark hair. Although they might take more time, treatments are available for people with all hair and skin types. Even patients with light blonde hair may benefit from treatment.

Application Areas

The DIOLUX is approved for the following application areas: back, cheek, stomach, legs, bikini, chin, neck, brow, and the upper lip.

How Many Treatments?

In my experience, most patients get the results they want in three to six sessions, especially those with fair skin and dark hair. On occasion, a patient will report slowed or reduced hair growth after a single treatment, but these results are not permanent. In time, hair may return although it’s usually much finer and lighter in color than before. Maintenance treatments may be required.

With a minimal risk of burning or pain, the DIOLUX laser hair removal system is taking personal grooming to a whole new level.