Feeling the hot water wash over your body during a shower is such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, hot water is not the best thing for the health of your skin. Hot water strips the skin of the essential oils it needs, which can lead to dry and irritated skin.

When taking a shower or bath, you should use warm water rather than hot. You should also limit your shower and bath time to under 15 minutes, because long showers can also remove the essential oils in your skin.

Even your choice of soap can affect the health of your skin, so make sure you use mild soaps that have added oils to ensure your skin stays happy and healthy.

Making these small changes to your daily routine will yield great benefits and will help to maintain the youthful and radiant appearance of your skin. If you are in need of professional care to improve the health of your skin, contact the Dermatology Institute for Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery.