If you are traveling home today or this week, here are some great tips to keep your skin happy onboard a long flight.

  • Use a hydrating serum before you travel to the airport.
  • Don’t forget your daily SPF to help prevent skin damage while traveling.
  • Keep hand cream in your bag. You can use it to moisturize your hands during the flight. If you are experiencing a lot of static on your flight, you can also run your moisturized hands through your hair to help smooth it.
  • Keep lip balm handy to avoid dry lips when you travel. 
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water during your flight. 
  • Consider a moisturizing mist to revive dry skin and give it a dewy look before you hop off the plane.
  • Pack some cream based makeup. You can use a creamy concealer, blush or eye shadow to revive your look easily from your seat when you travel.

Safe travels! Call us at 770-400-8400 when you get back to schedule your post holiday travel HydraFacial!

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