David T. Harvey, MD Mohs Surgeon & Cosmetic Dermatologist

Focus on Aesthetics, This Month's Feature Laser Combination Eyelid SurgeryLaser Combination Eyelid Surgery is a novel, “state of the art” way to eliminate drooping or sagging eyelids which do not respond to rest or topical creams This procedure removes excessive eyelid skin and eyelid “bags” using a combination of CO2 laser and standard scalpel surgery. Through taking this approach, eyelid wrinkles can be reduced and eyelid fat pads sculpted. The laser can additionally be used to resurface the skin resulting in a much less tired appearance for the patient.


The carbon dioxide laser employs a specific wavelength of light- 10,600 nm to be exact. It heats the deeper portions of skin known as the dermis . Operator control makes this technique a much more precise procedure and allows for a higher level of patient satisfaction. Laser energy, when delivered skillfully, allows for consistent results in difficult areas, including the lash line. Traditional techniques such as dermasanding and chemical peeling are more difficult to perform in this area.


Focus on Aesthetics, This Month's Feature Laser Combination Eyelid SurgeryThe advantage of laser combination eyelid surgery is that skin incisions are less traumatic and result in less bleeding. Laser energy can be used to seal blood and lymph vessels during surgery. Fat and tissue removal is performed with the laser and not a scalpel. Tissue just under the skin can be tightened by defocusing the laser beam. The versatility of this procedure is its best feature…as all exclaim “the eyes have it”!