Back to School Acne Basics:

It’s that time of year when everyone is heading back to school. If you have acne prone skin and are stressed about being back at school with breakouts, here are eight quick tips to help:

1. Get plenty of sleep – A well-rested face always looks better than one that is sleep deprived. Plan ahead to avoid late nights and all-nighters. Get to bed early and try to go to bed around the same time every night.

2. Take time for a skincare routine and make it quick and easy – Mild products tend to work best for sensitive skin. We can help by suggesting a skin care routine based on your skin concerns.

3. Find the right balance – While washing your face is important, don’t overdo it. Too much washing can dry out your skin and even make acne worse.

4. Hit the shower after the gym/sports– After dance, sports or the gym, be sure to wash your face. Shower post workout if you tend to get acne on your chest or back.

5. Don’t wear too much makeup – While makeup can hide acne, it can also make it worse. Some brands do provide sheer coverage and help cover up bumps and redness. However, many products can clog pores. Look for products that aren’t heavy, are oil-free and are designed for sensitive or problem skin.

6. Stay hydrated – Drink water every day.

7. Keep your hands off your face – Touching your face can make acne worse. Try to keep your hands away from your face. Also, don’t pick at blemishes.

8. See a dermatologist – Sometimes acne requires oral medications or products that are stronger than you can find over the counter. The Dermatology Institute can help determine the type of acne you have and the best treatment to get you on the path to clearer skin.

We wish all our patients a great school year. If we can help with any skin concerns, call 770-400-8400 for an appointment or click here.