Mohs Surgery Repairs Newnan

We strive to perform the best Mohs surgery repairs and leave the least conspicuous scar possible. I cannot always guarantee results because of many factors beyond my control. These include: the location of your growth, your genetic risk for scarring, allergies to materials or ointments, history of diabetes, noncompliance with post op instructions, etc.

All of our closures are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail and accordingly our revision rate is only 5 %. Sometimes we will use laser, dermasanding or intralesional corticosteroid injections to improve your scar’s appearance. We usually wait at least 6 months post-op to begin such treatments.

Below are some examples of actual closures that I have performed (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS ARE DEPICTED SO VIEW WITH CAUTION). Thank you for the confidence that you have in our practice. I am here to help you and you can be sure that our Mohs surgery team will do our best for you!